and welcome to my portfolio. While creating this website,
my main concerns were immediacy and user-friendliness, and I hope you will find both of those attributes fullfilled.


of flat colors has always fascinated me. These illustrations are studies of such interactions built upon patterns and shapes, and their repetition - concepts, which I later studied within the graphic design discipline.

A selection

of my work within the discipline of Graphic Design, more speificially identity design, interactive web-based projects, and materials for print.


the perfect moment is my favorite challenge with
the camera. Here, you will
find a range of studies:
from nature to man-made; whether conceptual
by design or on the go;
some were taken digitally,
while others on film.

I Like Circles

is a t-shirt design, with my take on the so very famous "I like turtles" viral video.


created for EvokeOne's art
pack, also called "Revolution".
Pennywise and Uncle Sam
come together.

Fiery Serpent,

Chinese motifs are present.


will one day be a part of illustration series with my take on the king-queen-jack trio.

Devil Fo' Life,

what a bad boy.

Paint Alive,

a consideration of what
form a paint tree would
present itself in.


created for Artobi's art pack.


was pure experimentation
with shapes and repetition.

Black Diamond

Jewelry is an ongoing project with Tyler Bailey, a great friend of mine, who has launched his own business and has charged me with identity development. Being based in Colorado, it made sense to play off of the connection between diamonds in the skiing industry, and those of interest to the jewelers.

Communicating without words

is the name of my Senior Thesis interactive web page. In it,
I take a look into the history of
visual communication.


is a design-oriented informative TV network. I developed the identity, created printed advertising via a series of posters in correspondence with the chosen color scheme, as well as the two video productions.

Hepatitis C

awareness brochure,
done for the Philadelphia
Health Department.
Credit: Zircon Studio.


pindrop map created for the Ceisler Media and Issue Advocacy to showcase the work of the company. Collaboration with Angela Iannarelli.

100 Percent

logo design. A supplier of medicine-oriented, plant-based products, 100 Percent required an identity which supported the company's aim to "go green". Credit: Zircon Studio.

A Sweat

branding project for a
local Philadelphia gym.
Credit: Zircon Studio.

Zircon Studio

was a design company started by Demian Yoon, Donald Swain, and myself.

Liverpool FC

is the focal point of this interactive application, which explores the club's logo and it's progression over time; items connected with the club; and shows several applicable organizational systems.


was an initiative by the Peco Energy company and UArts, aimed at bringing art to the communities of Philadelphia.

Karl Marx

was an immensely important figure for the development
of the European society -
that's why I chose him for this CSS project, in which I was tasked with creating an online page that portrays the individual of choice - contextually, visually, and typographically.


has always been one of my favorite typefaces. In this small book and editorial series I compare Futura with a similar geometrical typeface Kabel.


design was the focus of a workshop with the reknowned graphic designer Jerry Kyuper.


series based on a chosen theme. Set in a fixed size square, these studies began with one font setting, with more choices made available through the process.  1st - Univers 45
2nd - Univers 45/65
3rd - Univers 45/65/55
4th - Bodoni
5th - Large size Univers
6th - Extreme size
7th - First event image
8th - Second event image


combine many descriptive interpretations of the chosen items, finished in digital form.


study. I was interested in creating a typeface
with a tall x-height.
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